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Corporate Benefits Solution


In the increasingly fierce competition for talents today. The management mechanism of enterprise talent introduction, talent utilization and talent retention is also constantly innovating and developing. As an important part of the modern enterprise human resource management compensation system, employee welfare is paid more and more attention by the management of the enterprise.

Nowadays, the enterprises are facing several major pain points: high operating cost, dissatisfaction of employees with existing welfare, heavy pressure on administrative procurement and suppliers, and high cost of welfare system construction.

In view of the above problems, we think that the enterprise can effectively solve the problem by connecting with a SaaS employee welfare platform. Employee welfare platform can provide the enterprise with the Internet service platform for the overall solution of employee welfare. The overall solution includes welfare mall, health examination, office procurement, welfare planning, birthday care, festival care, employee incentive, gift customization, travel transportation, film tickets, etc. the enterprise can choose according to the needs. Meanwhile, we will connect with service providers such as JD, Netease, meituan, meinian health, iqiyi, Tencent, CNPC, Sinopec, mobile, Unicom, telecom, major banks, etc., and provide online, offline, credit card repayment and other consumption channels and application scenarios to meet the needs of employees. At the same time, free to receive the enterprise own system: public number, OA, nail, etc., convenient for administrators to operate, unified management.

No matter what kind of welfare scheme the enterprise designs, the key points of its design are as follows:

1. Analysis of enterprise strategy

The guiding ideology of welfare management should match the stage of enterprise development and strategic goal. The welfare plan of an enterprise should be different in the initial, medium and end of development, expansion period and contraction period, profit or loss period. At the same time, the changes of social and economic development situation and the changes of labor market also require the response of welfare programs of enterprises. Copying without regard to the actual situation of enterprises will only lead to the failure of management.

2. Employee needs survey

Efficient welfare programs must come from the employees themselves. Welfare items only work when employees get the items they expect to obtain, and welfare items designed out of employee needs are invalid. Especially incentive welfare projects, which are just like chicken ribs for employees, are waste. Therefore, the welfare items, except for five insurance and one gold, should be derived from the needs of most employees.

3. Efficiency and guidance of project setting

In the setting of welfare projects, the state statutory welfare projects are rigid, and enterprises should be established without doubt. Besides, the welfare project should be set up with efficiency and guidance as much as possible, focusing on efficiency and targeted investment. The same investor should stress the maximization of the protection or incentive function. The same welfare items should be avoided repeatedly as far as possible, which leads to waste and low efficiency. It is suggested to set up the enterprise's signboard welfare project. The unique welfare project with creativity is more likely to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees and the sense of belonging and honor to the enterprise.

4. Periodic diagnostic updates

The constant welfare is not only unfavorable to the labor cost management of the enterprise, but also leads to the inflexible thinking of the employees, and the change of the enterprise and the surrounding environment is not seen. The pressure of enterprise development cannot be transferred to employees, which leads to the lack of vitality and vitality within the organization, and greatly reduces the efficiency of the organization. Therefore, we should make regular diagnosis on the internal and external situation of the enterprise according to the situation change, adjust and update the welfare project in time to keep its attraction forever.

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