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Legacy Planning

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After years of hard work, we all hope to share wealth with our loved ones. Through proper estate planning, you can effectively distribute your property to your heirs and increase the potential benefits of your existing assets.

Proper heritage planning has many advantages

1. Provide long-term financial support:
   -Protect you and your heirs financially

2. Life insurance plans with different product characteristics:
   -Lifelong and critical illness protection
   -Guaranteed minimum credit rate
   -A variety of currency and currency conversion options are available
   -The choice of guarantee policy without limitation
   -Flexible change of insured
   -Provide emergency cash for emergencies

3. Improve your liquidity through insurance planning:
   -Ensure that retirement life enjoys sufficient working capital
   -The balance can be transferred to heirs or used for charitable purposes

4. Life insurance policies can be held by trust funds according to the key points of the plan. The advantages include:
   -The beneficiaries of the trust fund can enjoy the protection of a series of assets without bearing the burden of direct succession
   -Professional asset management
   -Protect assets from being cleared by the lender

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